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3D Architecture Animation Creator
3D Architecture Animation Creator
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3D Architecture Animation Creator is a plugin which can help designers quickly create animations, specially for architecture growing animations. By using it, we can fast create position, rotation, scale, as well as visibility animations for several objects.

Key Features of Standard Version:

  • Generate position, rotation, scale and visibility animation.
  • Along the x, y, z direction generated animation.
  • Along the path generate animation.
  • Anti-direction generate animation.
  • Generated by random order.
  • Objects along the x, y, z direction or randomly generate position, rotation, scale animation.
  • Objects along World or Local Coordinate System generate position, rotation, scale animation.
  • Can point out start frame of animation, length of frames for every segment of the animation, length of internal frames between animation segments.
  • Internal and segment of animation generated randomly.
  • 3D Architecture Animation Creator can calculate position of the end frame.
  • Set the moving distance, rotating angle and percentage of scale.
  • Any combination of position, rotation, scale and visibility can create complex effect.

Key Features of Professional Version:

Besides all features of Standard Version it also include:

  • Control the speed of generation.
  • Set moving distance, rotating angle, percentage of scale, as well as turn on random options which can get numbers of distance, angle and percentage randomly.
  • Batch adjust Coordinate pivot of objects.